I finally did it!

So I have been contemplating for some time now about making a blog for my crafting adventures and I finally decided it was time! New year new adventures. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Ill tell you a little bit about myself I have always been artsy. I love to color ever since I could remember and my handwriting has alway been important you know how you get graded in school well that has been engraved into me. I really got into crafting when my twins turned one and I just wanted to throw the biggest first birthday. So I went on etsy and Pinterest looking for the right theme and ideas and came cross toy story and it was perfect, one would be Woody and the other Buzz light year. So I wanted to make centerpieces and they were pretty pricey and thought I could totally do it myself! Wallah there you have it! From that moment that I decided I would do it myself began my journey. I bought a cricut machine and the Toy Story cartridge and made the centerpieces and decorated the entire party! Sorry not the best picture but just so you get an idea. image After that I had the cricut and nothing to work on because I bought it for the sole purpose of the twin’s first birthday. So I went on YouTube (oh no) and was looking for tutorials on things I could do with the cricut and that when I found a lot of videos making different things I was hooked. A specific video stood out to me and it was a card making video. So I looked up more videos on how to make greeting cards and found the famous Kristina Warner card making videos and then I started to watch Jennifer McGuire which lead me to Nichol Magouirk. I was watching tutorials after tutorials. One day Kristina started to promote the copics online card making class and I went and registered which was late September early October and I had a blast! I looked forward to getting my emails and doing my homework it was great!  And the rest is history I have been doing cards ever since. I look back to my first card and think wow I need to practice to get better but you can see all my cards on Instagram my user name is craftygal14_ image Please let me know how you liked this post and if you have any comments or questions feel free too!

2 thoughts on “I finally did it!

  1. Wow!!!! Congratulations!!! So excited you took the leap! I was super nervous too when I started a blog last summer! Yours looks great!!! Love the color on the header!! One suggestion if you’re OCD like me – i would categorize and tag your posts. It organizes your posts so that you can easily find ones that you did with such-and-such vendor or such-and-such technique. Wonderfully done!! Can’t wait to see yor next BDAY party idea for the twins!!


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