Random things!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately I just had my birthday over the weekend and then was not feeling well but I’m all better! Here are some cards I have been working on




I used the new stamp set from mama elephant and just love the way they came out. I just love Mama Elephant they make the cutest stamp sets and I bought and tried there ink and they have the best colors! I’m in love here is the bundle I purchased


I have been think I should start entering card challenges but wouldn’t even know where to begin! I think that when it come in handy have a 17 year old son who could help me set that up! I’m not computer savvy. But anyways I will stop boring you with nonsense lol! If you have any question please feel free to ask! Bye bye for now…

3 thoughts on “Random things!

  1. Great cards! Glad to see you’re having fun with the new mama elephant stamps! I love their inks too – such great colors šŸ™‚ good luck with the challenges! Looking forward to seeing your entries.


  2. LOVE the cards you’ve been making with the new Mama Elephant release!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better!! Sorry you were sick!! You have a 17 year old son?!?!?! SAY WHA?!?!?! You look way too young!!!!


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