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Day three of class

So I was stumped with day three. All of the techniques were awesome but I didn’t have the tools they were using to reproduce the cards so the easiest one that I could reproduce was the first technique they showed. I tried my hardest to take pictures as I moved through the steps but at the end I just got in the groove that I forgot to take pictures but I think I’m getting better at remembering! I need a stencil to create my background but didn’t have one that was not Christmas theme lol so I just made one.

This is what I ended up with…

So I needed to ink up my night scene before I could use my homemade custom stencil (haha that’s what I’m calling it) I started with my lighter shade of distress ink

Then added the darker shade

See I’m getting better with the pictures lol.. But don’t get used to it because I get in the groove and forget to take some whomp whomp…


So since distress inks react with water I thought ok I could use water to lighten up the night sky using my custom homemade stencil and it did work! Yay except I used regular cardstock and not watercolor paper duh! So the cardstock start to warp really bad and the water was seeping underneath the custom homemade stencil that I just left it to dry. The little I got it to lighten up was good enough for me.

From my homemade custom stencil I stamped and colored the little girl from Mama Elephant shooting stars stamp set. I partial die cut it so the the legs would still be attached to the bottom of the banner I was trying to create. Then I took it to the paper trimmer and cut straight line on both sides of her. I ran the bottom half of the banner with the scalloped frame from Mama Elephant through the die cut machine to finish it off. And make it appear like she’s sitting on a cloud. Added some distress ink in tumble glass to the edges. Put some foam tape on the back of the little girl and the banner set it towards the bottom of the card lining up the scallops from the base and then glued that to a white cardstock to and I was finally finished.

It came out cute. It was totally out of the box for me since it was something that I just learned then had to alter due to me not having the proper tools. But hopefully day four is easier.

Thanks for stopping by…

2 thoughts on “Day three of class

  1. Thanks for the post!! It came out great and I’m so glad you figured out how to make your own stencil!! Way to think outside the box! At some point, I’m going to try to make stencils out of vellum or acetate so that I can keep them for more than one use!


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