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Day 5

This day was again simple. I was only able to replicate one card because the other techniques I didn’t have the right tools to duplicate or even tweak or alternate going to go shopping maybe this weekend and I’ll come up with something. But I have a simple card for today.
Using my biggest nesting circle die set I cut 3 large circles from white cardstock. Then took one of the circle and cut used the next two circle dies and cut two circles. So the results was two framed circles and the middle circle I know it sounds confusing. But once you see it you’ll understand. I kept all the circle cuts together and place some post it tape so it wouldn’t come apart. Stamped 3 different border stamps in three different colors. Took another piece of white card stock and colored it with an orange ink then embossed my sentiment on it then die cut it with a circle die. Next I took the large circle die and colored it with the same orange ink. Took the other circle die scored a line about half an inch from the side and folded it out making a flap and put some adhesive on the top side of flap and took the orange circle and placed to on top aligning it so it makes the card. With the other circle that was stamped on I removed the inner ring but I left the post it tape holding still all together which is key because you want the space to remain perfect. I put some foam tape and place it on the front of the orange card base and put some foam tape on the back of the little circle with the sentiment. And that was it. Very difficult to explain but easy to duplicate. And here it is…


I hope I made sense!
Thanks for stopping by…..

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