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Starting off the new year… 

Hello everyone it’s Jessica here and I’m just blabbing away no card this time but I should have something very soon up.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I just can’t believe we are already in a new year where does the time go? I had a great Christmas with my family we wore pajamas and then let the kids stay up and open gifts at midnight and they were excited about that! We also did a white elephant exchange and that was pretty funny! I gave away an old frame set that I bought years ago that I never filled with pictures and my sister choose it and was happy about it and I got her old jewelry box which worked out!

I had a blast and my hubby bought me an iMac computer which I asked for a camera but hey I am not complaining about I had an old laptop that was ruined by numerous viruses and I got a scan n cut from my son super excited about it. It was a success.

 This is my Beauty! I have a beach screen saver to remind where I love to be! Gosh I wish I lived by the ocean I would turn into a fish lol! I don’t know how I have survived such a long time in this city?! It gets so cold here and I hate the winters. I almost moved to Miami one year because of these winters. But here I am still complaining about it lol let’s see if it’ll ever change.


Ok thats enough of that….. I have some big news I’m part of a new Design Team for The Ink Road. I’m a Roadie 🙂 I applied for it thinking that I would be rejected because I don’t really have that much experience but she emailed me and I said YES! It’s not a huge commitment I will post for them about 3 times a month which is really easy and I can’t wait to get started.


 I wanted to tell you all about a card class I took by Altenew. I loved it! ❤️ it was a Clean And Simple boutique card class which helped me out tremendously because I’m so bad at CAS I always have to add and embellished till there is no more room. I would color every blank image and fill if with color and to me make it look complete. This is one card that I created….


I love Altenew stamps and Inks. To me it’s very elegant and grown-up. I liked how the instructor explained everything well and it was very easy to follow. Also I loved how she gave options just incase you didn’t have the same supplies that she had that was very important to me. And the biggest I signed up was the price! Compared to other online classes that I have signed up for this was a steal.

I will have a different post on this card to explain and give you more details.

I have some other news but I’ll fill you in next time don’t want to overwhelm you with my life surprises! Til next time my friends!


3 thoughts on “Starting off the new year… 

  1. Sounds to me like someone ended 2015 with a bang! Congrats on the new comp, scan & cut, and being a Roadie! It’s such an amazing feeling hearing I loved your application and would love it if you’d work with me right?


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